Sick Kid

I was up most of the night...first at 2:30am Billy was barking and barking from the even though the dogs don't sleep in my house I can hear everything that goes on  in the kennel which is about 25 feet from my bedroom I knew something must be wrong. So after going outside to check on him and let him outside to go to the bathroom...they all went inside...within 30 minutes my next door neighbor decided to have a domestic event with lots of yelling and screaming .  So at around 5am Clover came downstairs a wreck...took her temperature and it was linda did some holistic treatment to her and she was able to get her temp down to about 101....during the day it fluctuated between 101 and she just took Clover to the ER a few minutes ago...

This is how Clover spent the day today...sleeping and sleeping..poor little girl