Business Expo 2009

It was an incredible 2 days at the Providence Business Expo, I saw so many people that just loved talking about dogs and I was able to secure a bunch of new business. It is always nice to get into different markets. It was fun talking to all of the suits...I was able to start dialogue with hotels, radio and TV stations about what I do and furthering business

Providence Mayor David Ciccillini welcomes me to the Business Expo

Uma and I look for the ball....ummm its at our feet

Frank Caprio our states General Treasuer is impressed with my business and asked what the state to due with the excess funds....I talked to him long and hard..and we both discussed that fixing the potholes was a high priority

Just a silly 3 minutes from the opening  of my 30 minute seminar at the Business Expo. No editing involved and the film quality is really bad.