Wedding Night

One of my clients got married I was hired to be the dog guy who picked up the dogs at the groomers, brought them to Newport for the wedding and handled them before during and after the wedding. After picking them up from the groomers I brought them to the B & B where the groom was soon as I got their I met a couple that was also going to wedding that also arranged to have me take care of their dog. So without ever meeting the dog prior I grabbed her and put her on my split leash and walked all 3 for about an hour. We went around Newport retracing the last day that the bride and groom must have taken.

trying to figure out if this is the sidewalk that Ike fell down on last night...we see blood but are not sure whose it is

we think that one of the wedding party slept under this tree last night

we checked to see if anyone from the wedding party or the groom was arrested and still in jail

Maybe they are inside getting the marriage certificate, you do have a marriage certificate don't you?

Maybe they are in the bank....lots of people that need to get paid for a wedding, oh by the way....i know i'm not as important as the band....but I did clean up lots of dog poop LOL

everyone is heading to the wedding....what you don't see is the guy in the background holding the bottle of Petron....I think they sponsored the wedding since there was lots of empty bottles around

keeping Storm and Bandit out of the way while everyone lines up for the procession in the side room..

Ike gets one last moment before he lines up.....if he gives his wife half the amount of affection as the dogs she is one lucky lady

Ike, Storm, Bandit and Colleen....congratulations...Colleen you look incredible...I am so happy for both of you

After this picture I then took the dogs back to Providence and they are staying with me for the night...