Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there....this morning I went with 3 of the kids and Linda to a fund raiser for the Defender of Animals. So spent time with the fam and also spent time supporting the rescuing of dogs.

Lucy, Clover, Romy, LInda and Myself join Dennis Tabella of Defenders of Animals and Councilman John Lombardi for a nice fund raiser brunch.

Clover and Romy help make the dog beds in the morning

So the huskies were with me for 12 hours after the wedding but they did 24 hours of playing...Bandit and Roca keep playing like they never left

If you look closely Roca is on top of Bandit...they wrestled all morning

Bandit goes down for the count

Pete checking to see i Storm is okay....I think the wedding the night before wiped her out

Bodi resting in a pile of flower petals in the shade

I asked Romy if she wants me to wipe her nose..she refused and just let the dogs clean her up

after Clover hauls a 12lb bowling ball dog toy she takes a break, after running around with dogs all day and climbing trees and carrying around bowling balls..she is getting in great shape..

Romy is filling up the mud hole with flower pedals

At one of my clients today, ( yes i worked all day on mothers day) we had a little audience from the neighbors house..which added great distraction.