Nice testimonial

I received a call a couple of weeks ago from someone from one of the vet offices that I work with and a friend of hers passed away at a young age and left 2 she aquired them and did not get along with her older dog...she had them all separated and was afraid to put them together because of a fight. So as a professional courtesy I came over for an hour to make drastic what do I do with dogs that don't get along....well I put them together off leash in an enclosed area to see what cannot tell how dogs are going to be unless they are off leash...if they fight you break them up...but that rarely happens...on a leash you cannot tell what is going to happen...leashes are deceiving and just increase the agitation that exists or creates you HAVE TO TAKE THEM OFF LEASH

the 2 dogs on the end are the new dogs...

Dear Jeff,

Thanks for your help. Due to unforseen circumstances in our lives, we inherited the care of two dogs to add to our animal family of one dog and two cats. At first it was a little (or a lot) overwhelming, even for me who works with animals for a living. Knowing you on a professional level, I knew you were the man for the job. After spending an hour with us, I feel like I'm living with a new pack of dogs. Thank you for teaching me your behavioral techniques. They are working well. I can now walk 185 lbs of dogs with ease, and I have 3 dogs that now love to play together in the back yard. Without your help, I may not have been able to keep these dogs. Thanks again.

Michelle and Zach Sylvester

Mirage, Bruno and Neika too


awesome new family....all liiving harmoniously with the humans be great pack leaders and all dogs recognizing the new structure

Within a few minutes I also had a few of my dogs running around the yard with is important that you expose dogs to a stable pack in order to help them work through their issues...

Why do we need to train a good solid sit/stay

I had just loaded the dogs out of the van for our 4 mile morning powerwalk and someone wanted to talk to I put the dogs into a sit which as you know means sit/stay in my book and five minutes later I turned around and took this picture....that is why we need a good sit/ when runners, bikes, cars, trucks...buses go by our dogs they do not MOVE

see you all on Saturday night...just found out about another exciting event that I will be that is 2 HUGE events that I will be announcing at the event saturdy night...there should be a few tickets left at the door.....