Seminar was a HUGE success!!!!!

Last nights Seminar was a Huge success...the only issue i thought that I could have worked on longer was the amount of time I spent on the actual commands and how I do them..since this was my first seminar I was actually concerned about filling up the whole 2 hours..I actually could have gone for another 2 I am planning my next seminar to just talk and teach the actual commands and not concentrate on the other things that I was talking on.

The turnout was good and I want to thank all of my sponsors. So the big news that I announced is that I have signed a deal with 790am radio to do a talk show every Saturday morning from 7-8am. It will be mostly on my dog training techniques but will also cover interviews with everyone involved in the dog industry. I will cover legal aspects of pet issues, local, regional and national pet related news.

Already within  24 hours of my seminar I have received dozens of calls for information on my training and booked many new clients as well as had a HUGE increase in my web and blog traffic...I thank of all for your continued support.

going over simulating a vet visit with Uma

Michaela from Kettlebella runs everyone through a 5 minute exercise break

Jessica talks to the crowd about Canine Massage and Reiki

Bella and I go over the wait for food command

Uma helps me out with a technical difficultiies

jessica hangs out with kennel dogs after a hard days work