This is how it's done

I have a client who has an issue with her dog....on leash she has been highly agitated towards people and dogs,  bikes and skateboards....the dog goes right to a level 4 red zone with no shut off in I show up...and we went to work and made progress immediately.....some trainers would try to take it slow or to do avoidance training... What Would Jeff Do?....we flood the issue and we make it a with my method of training......within 40 minutes...we had her dog in a downstay between my 2 dogs with people walking by, bikes going by, dogs going by and me riding a little scooter going by...all without anyone holding the is this done...1)my training methods and 2)the power of my methods are simple and long lasting that truly communicate with dogs on a primal way and my pack that is stable and can help an unstable dog immensely.

people with strollers and kids walking by, just the day before this dog was going crazy when the same people walked down the street...I am amazed by other trainers not understanding basic animal behavior and just use my methods that are highly effective in the REAL WORLD!!!!!