Its a Wrap

Today was the first of many of my radio went okay...i already realize the changes I have to make in order for it to run usual I am sure most people did not notice but I am my own intense critic. I thank all of you for your email and calls before and after the show showing your support.

Live on the air......What would Jeff Do?  AM790 and worlwide

my opening words on the air..i will get the whole podcast up soon...I mean I do all of this myself..aren't there any cute interns that want to work for me.....I have lots of work for someone....doing all of the filing and paperwork....helping produce the radio show with lots of run the office..working on the websites that I have.....the pay benefits...but you can hang out with dogs anytime you want....

Coco hanging out in the  front yard on top of the kids picnic table

Max and Uma help Ace work on a downstay at his house

Clover is teaching Roca how to stay safe in the water

Romy and Clover try out the stepping stones....I had more stones delivered the other day...and I will start wheelbarrowing into place

I am filling in all of the worn down areas in the training yard with peastones....last year we put down 22 tons, I ordered just 5 tons to fill in the bald spots..

the other 3/4 stone is for the start of phase 2 of our master plan of the yard.....I will be digging up about 150 sq feet of weeds and laying down the stone along...

Roca helping Maggie with her downstay....the power of my dogs....can help a nervous dog just chill out....