Stress Busters

This weeks 2 dogs came in from the same was a highly stressed dogs..nervous pee, throwing up food at every meal, on anti-anxiety meds, unaproachable to humans. The other dog was aggressive to dogs and people..

So with the stressful dog the first thing I did was take away the meds and did not give this dog any affection at all, cut the food portions down (dog throws it up any way) and made every minute of the day structured. I made it so there was no time for anxiety to exist. After the first day no more throwing up, after 3 days she was coming to me on command and is eating regular portions without throwing up at all.

Lucy hanging out with me while I go from client to client

Coby goes with me to my clients and is working on his downstay

Coby and Max hanging out at a clients house

Jabba who came to me with aggression issues with dogs is learning how to be a good social dog with Roca

Romy is doing a great job of being 2 years old, helping with the dogs...and loving her Papa