Husky Heaven

2 more Huskies came today....Bandit and Storm are regulars...they have traveling owners and of course they leave them with me and my and play all day.......and it went on all day long....

Coby and Bandit bring down Roca

Coby and Bandit bring down Roca while Bandit does not want any part of it.

Looks like Storm made the right choice as Roca shows Coby how to remove a Husky head without the most damage

Husky head sure does taste good......

the queen watches over her court

the power of the pack...this morning when Kelly arrived she avoided all of the was too many and too much at what do we do with her hard and let her navigate the play one gave her a hard time...and most of the dogs came over to her and tried to initiate her with good pack the end of the day..she was running around with the others.....nobody forced anything on her....tomorrow I have a feeling she will come running out feeling strong and confident

Catherine (my director of operations and radio producer)  has a lunch break out on the play set with Clover and Romy

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