Hair Today

Today I had to brush Roca out.....he has been rolling around in the mud....sleeping in the rain...he loves it outside....he has been going in the of Roca's triggers is the brush...whenever he sees me with it he lunges and tries to we spent a good amount of time working on brushing him out was really nice.

I am only 1/2 done with brushing out Roca...this is one big pile of fur

One of my clients working with her dog on recall..we do it on a long line at first.

Kelly getting to know Clover...who was so excited to come out with the dogs that she did not even get out of her P.J's this morning

Romy hanging out under the misting area of the play yard.....

Romy playing it safe by hanging out on the adirondeck chair....that is her default place so she does not get knocked over.

another succesful radio show....lots of email questions  this week...the show ran much smoother..i will be putting up podcasts soon on my radio show website