Hard Work with the start of phase 2

Today we started doing some of phase 2 of our landscaping plan...we finished one section of removing weeds from about 250 sq feet of area and then putting down weed blocker and then about 3 tons of 3/4 stone... thanks Tara for all of the help (a client doing yard work in exchange for dog training)

Tara working up a sweat while Romy and Clover supervise

Clover and Romy stand on the weedblocker while I roll it out...

Romy and Clover act as great distractions while Coby works on his downstays

Bandit swims and swims....I am not sure if Bandit has ever been in the water but  he did great once he got used to the water and would dive right into the pool..

Clover helps Storm get used to the water

Coca our 6lb Chihuahua  hangs out with Roca who loves trying to get her to play...I think
Roca is amazed by this little dog...

Romy making sure that the weedblocker is put down properly...she evened out the bumps and asked me if I had a level so she could check the pitch of the ground....How does she know this stuff.....Romy you are only 2 years old

Romy is out cold....big day for her....we don't stop...up at 6am and keep going and going and going....