Waterfire was Fun and interesting

Tonight I took 4 of my dogs to Waterfire for some training....it was lots of fun for all the dogs and interesting for me. So great part was that the dogs did great with all of the noise, smells, other dogs and the loud latin music. What was interesting was the amount of people that did not ask to pet my dogs and just bent down to pet them....2 particular women were petting the dogs while in a downstay and asked them nicely to not pet my dogs....they said "your kidding right?", I repeated it again and they just kept  petting them....I repeated again to tell them to not pet the dog, they kept petting them..so I sort of screamed at them to stop....I guess I just should have grabbed their asses without permission and seen how they liked it.....FYI, when someone with 2 German Shepherds, a doberman, and an Akita are in downstays and they guy wearing the Solid K9 Training shirt tells you to not pet their dogs that all have a history of biting....     DON'T PET THE DOGS....IT IS RUDE AND DANGEROUS

Max, Uma Jackson and Roca enjoying the crowds at waterfire

Max checking out the fires at Waterfire

my pack listening to some spanish music while hundreds of people danced nearby....lots of loud music...lots of drunk people...and no one petted the dogs at all...and everyone asked...

Just a quick peak into yesterdays show.

i will be getting the full shows up and running soon...i just hired another person to work in my office and handle all of the video editing