Beating stress in dogs

Your dog is stressed out, its nervous all the time. Obviously if you are a fan of mine and understand my training method the worst thing to do is to try to comfort your dog with soothing tones and praise. So one of my clients was having a problem with her dog at the vet going crazy with dog what do we do....go to the vets office and roleplay....and remember..stop giving nervous dogs are making your dogs MORE nervous by rewarding nervousness.

How do you keep your dog from hiding under a chair or the table in the vet office? put your dog in a downstay

How do you keep your dog from being restless, pulling on the leash, going after other dogs etc......put your dog in a downstay

so the 2 dogs on either side of Roca had issues with dogs an hour prior to this training by putting your dogs in a sit/ can they be reactive to other be pro active with your training and you will start understanding my training methods...

make out sessions are allowed after training...not  between my clients and myself (very unproffesional) but the dogs can