Happy Fathers Day!!!

Today was a busy day.....starting with the morning dog feeding and chores then off to clients....dogs don't care about Fathers Day, So I was spending the day with what I love to do...my family and working with dogs....

One of the many lessons that reminded me of my dad happened between Clover and I...we were bringing the clean laundry back to the kennel from the house and I took one basket and Clover took the other...after picking up the laundry and realizing that it was heavy she told me she could not carry it....I told her "you just did carry it" she told me that she could only carry it a little bit since it was so heavy...so I told her "then carry it a little bit at a time until you reach the kennel" she did 1 foot at a time until she made it into the kennel and she was so happy that she did it..I cannot stand the phrase  I Can't Do it I hear it way to often with people especially children.

If you are not familiar with the word Shlep, this is a good example of what Shlepping is.

So....never say I Can't Do It, not only is it negative thinking it is bad energy.

Clover helping Pete and Jackson with their downstays/ both of these dogs are with me for rehab, they both bit chldren in the past

Clover running and running around Jackson to help as a distractions

Clover practices one of her new tricks with Jackson...she inserts her arm into his mouth and then pulls it back out..next week she will try to put her head in his mouth....it is a good way to work with dogs on their bite inhibition

Keeping the family spirit alive for Jackson....he will most likely be going back to a family when he is done with his rehab...

Story time for the dogs...Clover is actually telling all of the dogs a story...they seem to be listening or at least they are humoring her...what they are not doing is bothering her or jumping on her...it is important that dogs respect all humans as pack leaders and allow children to walk among them without getting in their faces....good manners is just as important as obedience training