Raining and training

Rain doesn't seem to affect my training schedule or exercise schedule with the dogs....

This morning on the Blvd...7 dogs going strong...and yes they all heel on my left

Romy and Clover celebrating some good training with Jackson....I am really concentrating on being really active around Jackson...he is with me since he bit a child in his family....so we are making sure that he will not even think of that again....

Romy working on a proper Heel with Jackson....she almost got it....she needs to learn how to pop the leash better...she is only 2 but she has grown up with all of the basic commands for dogs...both my 2 youngest kids understand dog training

Clover running and running around Jackson to distract him from his sit/stay.....did not do it....Jackson stayed

this is a 7 month old dog that has just finished my basic training of 7 hours...and a off leash walk down the street with dogs all over the place....doing some great off leash recalls, sit/stay, down/stay and heeling