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Another client finished my training program...it has made a huge transition in the lives of the whole family and the level of stress that was happening on a daily basis..


Jeff – we want to thank you for all the great work that you have done with Ace.  He is noticeably a changed dog, well behaved, and enjoyable to be with. 

When we first rescued Ace in October 2008, we thought that we were doing the right thing by enrolling him in one of those franchise dog training programs that uses clickers and constant treats.  Needless to say, that experience did nothing to teach Ace the basic commands and behaviors that he needed to be a well balanced dog.  If anything, the constant food rewarding made him more excitable and resulted in a constant desire to be treated.  Although at times he was a quiet, lovable dog – his constant barking in the car, jumping on visitors to our home, begging for food at our dinner table, and overall poor social skills had us to the point that we were ready to give him up.  Although desperate, we were still willing to find a solution.

Luckily, we attended the Providence Pet Expo earlier this year and witnessed your demonstration on the basic commands of “heel”, “stay”, “down”, and our favorite, “place”.  When we saw how well the dogs were performing their commands, especially the one dog that you had just started working with a few days earlier – we knew that you would be the right trainer for Ace.

We’d like to share with your readers and potential clients that you are a no-nonsense, straight talking, professional, results oriented ( and yes, sometimes with an irreverent sense of humor) trainer that not only helped our dog but also changed our behavior in how we think and act every day with Ace.  After your first session with us, you had Ace demonstrating the “heel” and automatic “sit” commands after one 20 minute walk around our neighborhood.  Best of all, after about 5 minutes, Ace was staying in ‘place” quietly and not bothering with us as we discussed what our upcoming training sessions would consist of.  To top things off, the training with you has been fun, albeit disciplined work.  If you have a question, Jeff is also quick to return phone calls, respond to email questions, or you can even call into his Saturday morning radio show.

For anyone with concerns with training (prong) collar training methods – don’t be.  We have a small 17 pound dog and he did just fine and is actually calmer when he has his training collar on and working.  Because of Jeff’s successful methods (and believe us, even though Ace is a small dog he brings a large dog assertiveness as Jeff can attest to), Ace is now well behaved and we get constant praise from strangers because of his good behavior when we take him to crowded places like arts festivals busy with people, strollers, little kids, and dogs.  Our neighbors comment on how well behaved Ace is during our daily neighborhood walks, especially as he sits or lies there calmly in his “stay” or “down” commands as they pass by with their dogs.  Ace’s daily 4 mile power walks have also helped keep us in better shape too!

So if you want to change your life and the life of your dog and commit to hard work, new behaviors, and great results – we strongly recommend Jeff Gellman and Solid K9 Training!

Judy and Peter LaCross

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