Rain, Rain here to stay and time to play

Lots and Lots of rain over the last few days...I actually had to drain 5 inches of water out of the pool today from the rain....dogs and I worked it hard today and we had a special visitor...for all of you  who follow my blog you will remember Lyric..he was one of my rescues that went to a great family..he came back for just the day...we had a great time..he jumped into the van and off we went...

Lyric hanging out with Bella, who is with me for a 1 week board and train

todays rain did not stop my 8 dog pack from going for a 3 miler..and yes 7 of the 8 are mine...lyric is along for the ride

If you are wondering why Bella has her back to the camera...i gave her a command...the command is "Amish" and if you are familiar with the Amish folks then you know that they do not like to be photographed

Lyric after a long rainy walk

My team at an opening of a health and wellness spa