Busy, Busy & Busy

I owe all of you lots of photos and tonight you are going to get them...from  jam packed training days, the radio show, Waterfire on the 4th of July and all of my usual clients things have been busier then ever..I actually had to turn clients down for my board and train program this weekend...this coming week I am full again..I actually have shifted around my own dogs to make room for clients.

I hope everyone made it through the 4th with all of the fireworks and this past week of storms with their dogs....I have a few dogs on property that don't like loud noises...we live in a very urban neighborhood so it is very loud..lots of fireworks going off all hours of the day and night for the last week...

I brought 5 dogs down to Waterfire on the 4th..it was great...put them in downstays and watch the fireworks..


right in the middle of thousands of people my pack just hangs out

8 dog heel...do that with your clickers and treats....rrrrrriiiiiiiiiightttttt

Load back in the van...everybody waits and goes inside 1 at a time when they are told

thats one at a time....


yep...thats one at a time...everyone waits their turn..if not you go to the back of the line....billy always tries to cut in line..

mirror mirror on the wall...who is the meanest dog of all....Bella...its you..

Rocco you are a good looking dog

Bella and LIzzie are not thrilled to be connected together....

What do you do with a clients dog that is not good around kids......I bring over my kids and see what happens...this is at one of my clients houses

Romy and Clover playing tug of war with..........the girls love going to a clients house...they start working asap..they both no the routine


2stuffed animals   LOL

Romy and Clover eat fresh snap peas right from the garden of one of my clients....I am surprised they did not ask for a sandwich..though they did ask for a glass of water and use the bathroom...great kids...usually I make them pee in the bushes

Clover and Romy working wth some dogs..they are such a big help...they love working with dogs so much

LInda working hard.......while Clover, Romy and myself are out making the bacon....the hard life of a dog trainer and a dog trainers wife