Full House

My kennel is full and we are having a great time....all of the energy in and out has been great...the dogs have so many opportunities to start improper behavior but the power of the pack is keeping everyone in line...I saw some great progress with 2 of the new dogs...dogs that are nervous coming in can be evened out mentally with the power of my pack..it is an incredible change that can be done with very little human interaction..


Gage who came to me a couple of days ago...is a little uncertain with all of the dogs...he is coming out of his shell really nicely..

Gage in a sit/stay and Fenwa in a down/stay wile I swing a towel between the 2 of them...this makes for great distractions

Working on sit/stay with 2 Goldens that just arrived...

the same dogs working on their down/stays..this is on day 1 of the stay with me....on the other side of the fence is 10 other dogs that create great distractions....these dogs came to me with incredible energy that needed to be channeled and obedience work has been great to calming them down

since I have a built in audience I try out some of my Michael Jackson dance moves as a tribute to him....I don't know if it was coincidence or not..but one of the dogs coughed up  something...i am trying not to take it personally..i thought I had some smooth moves

working on downstays with distractions...Fenway and Gage are confused by the cat on my head

Everyone got there ears cleaned last night...yes everyone got a new wipe

I am in heaven...each day I spend about 30 minutes just hanging like this...the dogs get physical affection from me...