So you want some more pictures

What a beautiful day today...first day of sun and lots of swimming in the pool and the ocean...

little Romy trying to get into the kennel and keep, Billy, Pete and Roca out....she was succesful....she is learning how to be assertive with the dogs...and barreling through a pack of them is a great start

No this is not a photo from a copy of 1970's Playboy magazine

Jessica is just giving the dogs a good brushing brushed out dogs and cut nails today

Romy collecting big rocks from play yard and putting them where the dogs can't reach them

Romy having a great time playing with Jackson

Romy and Clover have some of the best friends in the dog pack..which is also fun playmates for them...I can't imagine what it is like to grow up with so many dogs

Now you understand why I am getting rid of all of the landscaping around the pool and putting in cement..the dogs are always running around and getting the dirt in the we have cleared the area of all of the shrubs and we will get the cement poured hopefully by the end of the month

Lizzie having a great time in the pool

Tan is the new Black this summer

My last client of the day...what a perfect way to spend it....sunset down in Greenhill Ri