$2,000,000 and then some

I just thought I would give everyone a heads up when hiring ANYONE that is involved with your dogs care and/or training. Proper licensing, proper insurance and proper bonding.

I bring this up since my insurance policy just was renewed and I decided to double the amount of insurance I have and increase the bonding I have by 500%. So I at the moment have $2,000,000 in liability insurance...I am bonded for $25,000.00 as well..this is huge for anyone that comes into your home. Most people in the industry are not bonded at all and if they are it is the minimum of $5,000.00. I also have special commercial insurance for Commercial insurance for my vehicle which is very important for any dog that is transported for any reason.

As far as my kennel goes it is licensed and is inspected by the state of RI DEM. This is also very important as too make sure that boarding facilities are kept to the highest standards in cleanliness and safety.

As a member of the Better Business Bureau I put myself out there for anyone to check me out....I feel this is very important when you have someone handling your dog.

No blog entry would be complete without a photo...so look at Jessica giving Fenway a nice massage