Playtime for dog and trainer

Tonight I had another Networking event once the dogs were fed and worked I headed out with Jessica and Catherine down to Chellos in East Greenwich. We had a great time....I took a little break and took Max and Uma into the Bay for a nice swim..

If you look real close you can see 2 dogs and they are swimming out for the balls that I throw out for them...they did this for about 30 minutes...going out and then coming in

Am I seeing this correctly but does Hunter have all 4 feet off of the ground?

Yes I also train bears...Roco and Hunter have a great time playing

2 of my clients today....I love all of the breeds of dogs that I get to train....

Linda is going out to the midnight movie showing of the new  Harry Potter movie...this should be interesting..I have never seen her stay up past 10pm.....tomorrow is another big day...lately I have been leaving the house at 6:30am with a pack of 7 or 8 dogs to do my morning walks on the is  a great way to start the day...great way to bond with the dogs...Jess gets in to work at 7am and works all of the other by 8am all of the dogs have already done about an hour of intense walks..