Another Sunny Day

Last night I fell asleep  doing my blog so I am finishing it up  this morning during a break in the training...another beautiful day for training and swimming...I worked with 2 dogs that have not swum before and made great success...while I was teaching a dog how to swim I tripped and fell into the pool...the first thing I did was reach into my pockets and take out my iphone and my wallet....spread the contents out on a table in the sun to dry...everything dried out nice and the phone is working....

I am teaching Gage how to swim....the first step is to teach the dog to stay horizontal to the water..this way they can then concentrate on the proper stroke notice the leash is loose....I lead the dogs, and not pull the dogs...they need to learn technique prior to swimming on their own...I fell into the pool right after this..notice the dirt in the background....this was landscaped beds and we decided to remove the dirt and replace with a concrete deck...the white tube is going to be a water feature that is hooked up to the pump system...should be nice...I am looking for a concrete dog with its leg up with the water coming out of it so it looks like the statue is peeing in the pool

Linda and Romy at the start of the day

Bam and Lizzie go on a nice power walk with Jessica

Bam and I after swimming...I am teaching Bam how to snore

Romy and Clover play with Cat during her lunch break

Clover helping train Gage on his Place command

Clover jumping into the pool into the waiting arms of Cat...Cat is doing a great job helping both Romy and Clover feel very confident in the pool