Like that chef on TV, Bam!!!! thats a good dog

A new dog came in last night and today is the first day we worked her...HUGE transformation already...came in very nervous and skittish and avoid me...the great thing about a dog like that is when out in the play yard with 10 other dogs....I become the dogs best friend by I use that in my favor and constantly call the dog over to me and guess what they come to me...I am  the instant pack leader.....the protector of all..

Kendall is working her downstay while Jess is with Gage in a downstay and Clover welcoming Cat to work....

Clover and Romy help train Bam with his sit/stay

I love how the kids love to spend the day outside working with the dogs...

A little down time for the girls

Bam working on his downstay inthe play yard...Bam came to me 2 days ago....he has a few issues....tends to lunge at other a loner when it comes to groups of I can't make him to be social but I can have him do a downstay while other dogs are around....Bam is doing great...we have been working on all of the basic commands...with the Come command in the crowded play yard alot...this way Bam has to navigate all of the dogs to get to me.

Even Kendall gives Bam a little walk by

Is Gage and Roca looking at me funny?