On and in the water

Today was a great water day.....I had a client who wanted his dog to be able to spend time on his boat ...so we worked on the PLACE command...this calmed down the dog and made my client enjoy his time on the boat with his dog for the very first time. We went out on the water and had a great time.

Still at the dock we start out with training

At sea the PLACE command is highly effective...we both can get up and walk around and the dog will not move...with all of the back and forth of the boat things were calm on board

Jessica who is one of my assistant trainers came on board to learn how it is done...

Kendall and Gage working on downstays

today we worked on downstays and all of the other basics all day long

Bam rocking out with his downstay....

Bam has started playing with dogs....this is big for Bam..he has been pretty much a loner for a while..and he is starting to get very social lately

Bam swimming while Gage is giving him some confidence

Gage loves the water...he learned how to swim 2 days ago and today he just jumps in by himself..swims around and grabs toys and then swims back ....keeps going out and out on his own...

Go Gage go...he went to bed very very tired tonight