Kids and Dogs

Clover and Romy just love working with the dogs...even when I first go out to open up the kennel at 7am they both want to go out there to help let them out for the first bathroom break and give them food and water....they love helping with the obedience work and love acting as an distraction

Clover sends out Gage to go get a dog toy this is wonderful since Gage just learned to swim within 24 hours of this pictures was taken.

Bam who is very excited to be around the pool shows his happy face when given the option to swim

Fenway hides in the tall grass during some ocean swimming

Roca and Billy during one of there many daily play fights

Kendall learned how to swim today..we keep dogs on leashes so we can guide them into the pool and keep them from jumping out the
sides of the pool...


Kendall rocking in a downstay while Clover swings back and forth making lots of noise...this is a great training exercise that keeps dogs into SOLID commands with distractions

more downstays with Kendall while Clover and Romy play in th sandbox

Bam working on his downstay while Clover goes up and down the slide...this is another great exercise for dogs...keeps them focused on the commands and teaches them not to be reactive to screaming and running children


How cuter are these little dog training princesses..Romy and Clover in between training dogs...

Max hanging out at a clients house...he is always so relaxed when he helps me work

more downstays for kendall while the kids play..this is a great obedience exercise as well as calming exercise for dogs

My days have been so incredible busy...I want to thank everyone that has been calling to ask your dog training questions.