Clover and Romy, Dog Trainer

You all know that I have 6 daughters and my 2 youngest ones Clover (4) and Romy(2) help me daily with dog training...well today was a Huge turning point with them...Romy worked on her own with 2 dogs...usually she just follows Clover around but she understands the training and she did her own distraction training with the dogs

Romy ran around and around Tucker and Topper as they do place...this is the first time she did this on her own...she usually follows Clover but she is coming out of her shell

Romy and Clover helping out with our newest dog in for a bootcamp

Bam working on his sit/stay

Roca saying hello to the newest dog in the pack....Roca is really good with greeting new dogs...

Clover helping with Tucker's swim session

one of my clients dog goofing around during a training session

Everyone pay attention...this is a 4 year old girl teaching a downstay to a dog that has lived with me for just 1 most of you know...the way we teach the downstay is we give the command DOWN and at the same time while holding the leash with our right hand we gently step on the leash with our left foot so the dogs head goes towards the ground...this then lets the dog no that we want them to lie down.....

Everyone look at the concentration that this dog has on Clover....keep in mind that we do not use food for any of our training...this dog is looking at Clover with the ultimate respect...Clover is a wonderful trainer...she is all of 35lbs...the dog she is handling is twice her weight and much stronger than her....with my training system...none of this matters....

Clover took this picture of Kendall in a downstay while I get some phone calls returned..while Romy hangs out acting as a distraction

Clover took a picture of herself

Today was a great day.....for the girls...they spent about 3 hours outside training with dogs....they are a huge help....