Great Testimonial

This is a great testimonial from someone I respect as a person as well as a business woman......thank you Alayne

Dear Jeff,
I sit here on my back deck with my dog next to me. He is quiet, calm and incredibly affectionate. I know he is supposed to be in PLACE, but the opportunity to have him next to me on this beautiful morning was too great to miss, so I break the rules (again).

I did not grow up with dogs, as a matter of fact I didn't grow up with animals and the excuse in the house was that we were allergic, but in retrospect, my mother didn't like animals and I am sure that was part of it. The one time we actually had a dog, my mother wasn't too nice to it and he was fortunately given to my aunt who is a dog lover.
I struggled for a long time about getting a dog living in fear that I would be a bad pet owner, but I always wished that I could find a dog that I could become attached to.

As you know, I decided to adopt a small older dog and I finally feel like i am in fact a great dog owner. I think I probably would have done okay if I hadn't met you, but hiring you was definitely something that has been completely worth the money and the time and I tell everyone I meet who has a dog or who is thinking about getting a dog about you.

There are certain aspects of the training that I will probably never do with Frankie, certain things are good enough for me right now, but what I have loved about the training is that I feel like I have learned a life skill that can be universally applied to every dog I have going forward. Almost like Dog College. Besides the obvious training tips, your availability and your simple direct approach has given me so much more confidence in my own ability to be a better leader to my dog. It has taught me how to correct the mixed messages that so often happen when there are more than 1 person in the family giving direction and commands.

I know there has been lots of fun and bantering between us and I am sure I will never be your total star pupil especially since frankie is only 8 pounds, but your training has enriched my first dog experience more than I can explain. Sometimes I have felt silly working with you every Friday for this little 7 year old, but at the end of the day, I know that this experience with you and my first dog has made Frankie's journey to our house his final stop. I know that in all of his cuteness, he is a better well behaved dog because of my investment with you.

Despite all of the wacky exchanges we have had, that aside, you are an amazing and gifted person who has an intuitive ability to change the lives of people and their animals. That is an amazing characteristic to have and though I am sure you know this about yourself, if you ever have a day where you question your intention or your life purpose, may this testimonial serve as small reminder to your innate ability to change lives. Not many people can say that they can go to work everyday and have that impact.

I am so happy i met you for so many reasons and I hope that we remain friends long after our Fridays end.

Thank you again, Jeff,

Love Alayne

alayne white spas