When It's hot....we swim

It was in the 80's today....hot and humid...we spent time swimming and training today...I finally put up a temporary fence in the pool area in order to block off area that we are redoing....it is just dirt at the moment...we are going to concrete over it at some point..I was so tired of all of the dirt constantly going into the pool..it has been a big help...since we are spending so much time training in the pool

At Camp Gellman....its always fun...Romy and Clover hanging out while watching the dogs cool off

Listen...you jump in and then I'll jump in.....no...you first....

this is how you do it....if I can do it you can do it......

I'll put you in your place on land as well.....Little Noni can play with the best of them...

Listen....I figured out how to open up the food containers....on the count of 3 you go distract Jeff...I'll go load up on food and I will meet you on the side of the kennel......Noni tries to persuade Bam into getting into trouble.....Noni doesn't understand that I speak dog and I followed him and caught him in the act.

Roca and Noni playing rough with each other

Just when Noni thinks he got away with the frisbee...Roca comes up from behind and lets Noni no that sometimes bigger is better

Kona who came over for a swim with his owner...is doing really well being social with all of the dogs

Yep this is play....actually very healthy play

One of my clients who comes over to swim her dog Kona hanging out with Bam..who is going home Thursday

very peaceful photo of Sara and Roca...she brings good energy to my pack...

Roca....one of my rehab dogs....he is one of the most gentlest & kind dogs that I have......he just loves people and dogs...he was originally going to be euthanized before I saved him

Bailey who has lots of allergies is with me for 2 weeks...my goal is to not only get him to swim while he is with me but to figure out his allergies...I am not thrilled with the food that he is eating..so I am doing my own research...he suffers from extreme allergies