Get ready to smile

Today was such a special day....the student became the teacher.....I am crying as I write this blog entry....the following pictures are of my 4 year old Clover teaching Romy who is 2 years old how to train a dog.....I just stayed back and took pictures....Clover was handling Roca who is a 16 month old Male Akita who was deemed aggressive and was scheduled to be put down.....and Romy is working with Noni who is a Shitzu who is with me for a 2 week boot camp.

The red leash that Romy is using I had to tie up in a know so it looks like the leash is a mess..but this actually made it easier for Romy to hold the leash since she has such small hands and arms.......I also want to make clear that I do not use ANY food in my training....and I am not saying anything to these dogs while they are working...Clover is doing all of the talking and the dogs are listening to them.....also want to let all of the other trainers out there who do not understand my methods or have ever seen me train dogs....take a good look at these 2 kids...a 4 year old and a 2 year old.....ask yourself...are they punishing these dogs? are they hurting these dogs? are they being to harsh with these dogs? are these dogs following commands because the dogs are afraid of my kids? Why is it that the dog training industry who says they use "positive reinforcement" for training by bribing the dogs to do commands but say because my methods are harsh.....would you like to tell my kids this? do you want to explain a 2 year old how to use a clicker and treats....

Clover giving Romy tips on how to hold the leash

Clover explaining to Romy how to drop the leash with your left hand to get ready to step on it while you give the command

showing Romy how to step on the leash

Ta Da!!!!!!

Romy on her own.......

Looking Good Romy

Finished product....a great down/stay Clover

Clover going over to checking out Romy's work

Clover helping Romy with the Heel command..

Clover heeling Roca like a pro....

Clover showing Romy how a pro does it.

this is why there is so many college graduates can't find jobs....I'm raising such hard workers

As you all know Down means Down/Stay so Clover runs away....hey....Romy....when you are standing still your dog is supposed to be sitting next to you....what's up with that?

Romy gives it a try with Roca as a distraction.....check out the focus that Roca has on Clover

Romy does it again...this is such a great confidence builder for Romy to be able to work with a dog on her own

Roca and Noni play hard after doing some training