New recruits, Ten Hut!

I have lots of new dogs coming this week and already this weekend...2 will be in for a 6 week board and train which means we have some issues to sort out...this will be fun..I always love having that much time to work with dogs..

I hired another part timer to help out with me this month...I am absolutely amazed at the amount of business that I have been getting...I feel honored that all of you have so much faith in my training in order to get you the dog that you are looking for.

Roca trying to get the new dog to play...Roca will go to great lengths to make a dog feel welcome. that is Izzy under there..and you will see him soon

Izzy gets a feel for Billy....he is a 5 month old training..lots of bad habits....loves to play rough with other dogs (paula & eric....he fits right in...plays with all dogs big and small has great play skills)

Izzy and Noni run around during the down time....Noni has been a big help for Izzy the first day...Izzy did not know how to navigate the kennel so he just follows Noni in and out of the kennel, into the play yard and introduces him to all of the other dogs

Say hello to a little 10 week old client of mine...we start with the basics....household management...nutrition...exercise...

Izzy trying to get past Uma and was successful...a true test of the confidence that Izzy has

Clover and Romy helping out with some training..

Romy working Roca in his heeling....she was so proud of herself....she was giving commands...popping the leash and Roca was listening to every is so important that every human both large and small have total respect from every dog on the property

South and Izzy working on downstays... South is with me for a 2 week boot camp...she also needs to lose about 20 intensive exercise and controlled food intake....

Izzy sticking a downstay like a 1 of training for him...he is going to be a great dog after his 2 weeks with us..

South doing a great downstay..while the other dogs are being big distractions..the GSD in the background is Gunnar....he is a 10 month old dog who came in today..