1 Huge Dog and 1 Huge Kid

I cannot keep Romy back...after finally working with her own dog the other day she wants to train dogs every day....so today she wanted to work with Bailey...Bailey is a Great Dane, must weigh 150lbs or more.....he is a huge dog...sort of like a horse for kids...keep in mind that the Romy weighs all of 25 or so pounds and is 2 years old...

Romy working on Heel with Bailey...she has so much confidence...holds the leash  properly....has great body language...her energy is really great...she is a very quiet child and often does not give voice commands to the dogs..which  is all part of my training

While heeling when the human starts the dog should sit...and Romy makes sure that Bailey follows the rules

Romy making sure that Bailey's down/stay has the correct positioning

as you all know down means downstay so Romy runs around Bailey as a distraction

Romy working the Downstay in the Solid K9 Training Way...she is trying so hard not to touch is back with her hand....

and thats the way it happens....2 years old...25lbs of kid and working a very large dog....another big FU to all the others that condemn my training and think using food is the only way...

Romy tries another technique...this time she tells Bailey Down while pushing down on the leash

Romy not sure what to do....wondering if this is allowed under my rules of training

so 10 month old Gunnar came to me yesterday...obedience not real well and gets really mouthy with kids So Clover puts him in a downstay and then rides tricycle around him

this is how we do it...this is day 1 of Gunnars training....Clover wanted to take a shot at it

Noni giving Izzy some advice on exiting the pool...Noni is leaving tomorrow.....Izzy is doing quite well....getting a handle onthe swimming

It was nice and hot today...all of the dogs spend time in the pool...worked hard and trained hard.....dogs got trained hard as well...they did spend 2 hours insde the A/C though in the middle of the day...