Another Great Testimonial

Good Morning Jeff,
This email/thank you note is long overdue.  Kasey, Fred and I want to thank you for making all the difference in our girl’s world and ours as well.  This summer has been quite full of guests and entertaining at our house and our girl did great.  My nephew even did her afternoon walk off leash and made it a run while they were here.  The best part was vacation this past week where we stumbled upon a group at the park where Kasey became part of the pack-attached are pictures with her new pals.  I am not sure who has had the better experience her or me!!! Since we didn’t have to get up early for work, we were able to go out a bit later and head to different places for our morning walk.    As we came around the corner near the town beach there was this group of dogs and their owners playing and we took a leap of faith, went off leash and joined it.  It has been great-first we go for our walk and then meet up with our new friends.  I’m just sorry that I have to go back to work tomorrow and we won’t be able to play until the weekend. 
To think that when we first met, I could barely walk her without incident when a dog came near.  We can now go downtown, get into down/stay-get the ice cream and folks can walk by, walk up to pet and she does what she is supposed to do-who Knew!!!!!!!  She has become much calmer in the home too- life is so much better for all.
Once again thank you for all the training with me and Kasey.  I talk about you all the time-you made all the difference in our world and you can’t have a more appreciative fan than me.  ( I should put Kasey and Fred in mix too)
Thanks again
Patti and Kasey