Another typical day of my kids training aggressive dogs

I am writing this from one of our office computers since my Laptop CRASHED tonight....I have been back and forth to the Apple store over the last few days trying to work out problems and just when I thought it was it crapped out on I am going to just put a quick blog entry tonight...we had 3 new dogs come in today and 6 dogs total this week came lots of interesting energy at the kennel....we have 3 smaller dogs at the moment which is is lots of fun though..we train the smaller dogs just like the bigger dogs training is dog kids especially Romy, who is 2, likes working with the big dogs...she worked with Roca again today...she is so proud of herself being able to handle a 100lb dog...I realize that most of you have seen her working with Roca before on my blog.....everytime I take pictures of her though it is so wonderful to see...

Romy making sure she can put her hands by Roca's head...he has a history of biting and Romy has established herself as packleader with this dog..

Romy starting to put Roca in a Downstay....she says DOWN as she puts her foot on the leash to push it to the ground...when I first started rehabbing Roca...he would bite my leg everytime I did this

success...Romy teaches Roca how to do a rock solid downstay

Romy working on her canine massage and Reiki techniques that she learned from Jessica at Peace Dog Canine Care

some of the new dogs that came in today for a 2 week boot camp...don't blink or you will miss Charlie go running by...he is the white dog in the upper right corner

this beautiful boy is in for a 6 week board and train....a little biting issue as well as all around obedience...he will be off leash trained by the time we are done with him....

2 new arrivals....obviously we do not encourage this behavior at all....if anyone wants the video..feel free to make an offer

everyone loves a parade....just a quick note.....clover and romy aren't the only ones who do the training at the kennel..i actually have 3 incredible assistants....Jessica, Keeley and Sarah who do a ton of the training with these dogs....I actually just put a help wanted ad on craigslist today for some more p/t help.....I am slammed with business and I want every dog to get a ton of work and exercise every single day from sun up to sun down

Another new arrival...a 10 month old GSD who has a little behavioral and biting issue...Romy is such a serious little kid..