2 Hot Days Too Hot Training Days

This weekend was filled with activity...lots of hot weather and lots of swimming...a few dogs learned how to swim and spent a good amount of time in my computer crashed a few days ago...had to have a new hard drive installed...so after that was done and I came home started working on it..I crashed constantly...so..it went back for me fixing....ahhhhh...anyone Romy started swimming today..she finally put on her life jacket....the kennel is packed..with lots of new dogs which makes it fun to teach the new dogs to start the system of how I want things done..dogs love structure and themore structure that I give them the better the traiining

Part of Kennel Duty is cleaning up the poop hourly.....clover always offers to help with this mandatory part of kennel life

Clover gets Romy used to the water...she did great..

I was powerwashing the pool filter and of course Clover has to help..so she picks up the power washer and the recoil almost knocks her over

Clover playing with the dogs in the play yard...and does anyone see the purple flying saucer

2 new dogs just came in...Lilliiiput and Izzy checking out the training

Charlie relaxing after a hard day of training and playing

Cloving swinging from a tree, the dogs also use this to jump up and bite the rope and swing from it

Clover helping clean the pool..which gets done every few days.....

Sarah who is a client and has started working part time to help out with training takes a swim in the pool with Clover

Sara teaches a new dog how to swim...