Canine Massage

Today was ending our power walks by 10am we worked on obedience commands with the dogs....spent a good amount of time in the pool with the dogs and lots and lots of training

Romy giving her buddy Roca some love while the other dogs play in the training yard

Jessica who does canine massage and reiki is working on Pete who has injured his leg

Jessica who worked with humans for 12 years has is devoting her life to working with dogs...if you are interested in hiring Jessica for her services you can contact her directly at

Jessica does "sound healing" with Pete...using tuning forks to channel his energy will help in his recovery

Working on downstays is a continuos training exercise...over the course of a 2 week boot camp the dogs will do this hundreds of times

Dogs will also spend hours doing sit/stays over the course of a 2 week boot camp

Dudley swimming with Keeley on a hot 90 degree is so much fun swimming with dogs

why is this picture so small? I am using Linda's computer since my crashed the other day...that should have nothing to do with it...for some reason I cannot enlarge this photo. This is from one of my morning walks...Dudley, Bella, Roca, Billy, Uma and Max doing great sit/stays

My new radio program web site is up and running...this is the beginning stages of the site...lots more to come..go to