A few nice words

Dear Jeff

Just got home from 7 weeks in Northern California,the Bay Area and we just had to let you know how well we did thanks to all your teachings.  I had worked hard with Shayna, reinforcing all that she had learned and paying close attention to your radio show too, remembering all I wasn't doing and keeping in my head "What would Jeff Do" or "Say" if he say what I was doing...then I changed, yes I used the e collar....Thanks for the swimming lesson most recently, it really came in handy....see photos
Photo #1....Racing with friend....
Photo#2..... Shayna WON....

Shayna never could have enjoyed the beach with the ocean without YOU...she and I had a blast!!!!
All my friends really saw a difference  this year from last year and they constantly sang out---'What would Jeff Say" if they felt I strayed from anything!!!!  Last year they thought she was great as a one year old, now she was terrific.
Life was great...Thanks. Traveling with Shayna was easy and everyone welcomed her.

Another wonderful testimonial came in this week....

Dear Jeff

We adopted a red Doberman recently and come to find out he had an aggression issue, called resource guarding. Jackson would take a small item, usually a toy, under the table or in the corner and chew on it. If you tried to take it away he would growl and bite you.


Jackson is great with the kids, our other Doberman, and our cat so we wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Being a shelter dog, my wife and I decided we wanted to try to do everything possible to keep him and not have to return him to that life.


This is where Jeff Gellman enters our life……. the guy is amazing. He takes the time on the first home visit, to talk to your family and learn what you are about and what you expect. No matter what you expect from Jeff, you will get it ten fold.

Jeff took Jackson into his board and train program because of the resource guarding and the results are amazing. I was always skeptical when I heard the “power of the pack” phrase thrown around in today’s society. I could have never been so wrong and Jeff is the reason why. He took our dog and molded him into a loving, social, well-behaved part of our family.


Jeff is one of the busiest hard working guys I know, yet he returns every phone call email, and text you send him regarding training. His blog is great for the board and train clients. He updates the blog daily, you know and see your dog’s progress while they train, as well as, their interaction and socialization they learn from Jeff’s pack.


 I have no apprehension taking our 100 lbs. and 75lbs. Dobermans on any walk, to any event, or to any friend’s house.  We now actually look for dog friendly places, so we can bring our dogs with us and spend more time with them. It’s a great compliment when people tell you what well behaved dogs we have, on a daily basis.


Jeff loves what he does and every dog he works with. We hired a dog trainer and ended up getting a friend for life.



 Rob and Christine Jencks