BOOM, thats the sound of Business

How busy can one trainer be? Again I thank all of you for contacting me about board and train facility is jam packed with a waiting if you are thinking of getting during the month of October-December you might want to secure a spot very soon since I have been booking up...Friday I even have a dog coming from California for a 6 week board and train...yes from over 3000 miles away folks send me dogs to be trained. I made a hiring decision and hired another kennel my crew consists of 4 employees for the kennel...this means that every dog gets tons of training, play, socialization and swim time...

Yep thats Romy all of 2.5 years old..surrounded by 4 high energy dogs...she is learning the way of the pack...strong, fearless, obedient and respectful

Just to make it even more challenging for the dogs..Romy brings in 2 little stuffed dogs with helps her build her confidence and she gets to practice her authoritive NO when the dogs get close to her toys

On the left is Charlie...who came to me very food aggressive...the first few days during meal time he would growl and bark at all of the other dogs around him...all of the dogs eat in their own his barks did not do anything but keep him from eating his food...back home he would growl and lunge and even bite the cats if they walked by his food...

so..... at the moment charlie is eating his food with Billy in a downstay next to him....over the course of the meal I would pick up his food 3 or 4 barking....he eats his meals in peace

Sarah, who is a client, and works part time with me hanging out with Clover while the dogs are swimming...Clover loves hanging out with Sarah....I love having such strong powerful women around my is such a great influence on them

Kallie is with me for a week...this girl can swim....loves the water...she just swims and swims