Just the basics

Last night Linda, Clover and Romy met us for a walk....so all dogs go into a downstay...lots of cars, bikes and walkers/runners going by....dogs all stay in command

all in a sit/stay while the girls put on their sweatshirts....the above 2 pictures show how basic commands are important to be solid....sit/stays and down/stays with high levels of distractions

Ziva and Sakari work together on sit/stays...it is important that dogs work on commands by themselves and also with otehr dogs..every dog can be a student and a teacher....

Ziva has started working inside the house...she is in a downstay and Clover goes over and sits down next to her.....Clover then gets up and goes away..Ziva  should not move...and she doesnt

Ziva doing a downstay in the girls playroom

Clover helps with the training of all of the dogs...it is incredible thing to watch

Kishmish in the Place command while the kids eat dinner....

Kishmish goes for a swim today....I can't say Kishmish loved it....but I think we might have another water dog on our hands....

Training w/clientsJGellman