Horses and Bugs

Yesterday I started working at a very special horse farm up in Medfileld MA...they specialize in dressage and they are a world class Olympic quality training grounds. They heard about my training program for dogs so they called me and I started working with one of their new dogs. It is going to be a barn dog..which means it will be off leash and it needs to stay out of the way of the horses and never, never, ever go into the practice ring. So it was lots of fun putting together a training program and start working with the dog.

the barn that the clients dog is not allowed to go into...yep...big door to stay away from....

I had a last minute student who I decided to see how she would respond with my training...oh and the horse that I am leaning on is a champion you'll see on TV in those fancy dressage know with top hats, white pants, and those coats with tux tails....can you tell I have no idea what this dressage thing is....LOL

Yes I also like horses...I have a connection with them and horses can feel my energy and are drawn to me...even horses that have been aloof in the barn come up to me to say hi....

can you see that greyish bump in the middle of the grass....yep thats a 16 week old Pit bull that learned a downstay....15 minutes prior...yes...this dog started working with me at 11 weeks old and it does incredible obedience work

My smallest client to date.. its a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach...working on its down/stay


Training w/clientsJGellman