Sakari Time

Sakari is one of the 6 weekers that I have...Sakari came to me last week and has spent a full week training. Sakari is only 15 weeks old and we are making great progress....obedience work is going great..housebreaking is going great and Sakari has really learned incredible play skills from the other dogs...below is a bunch of pictures taken today to show a little bit of the life Sakari has when it is time to play with the other dogs.

Going back to the kennels with Uma, Max, Roca and Dudley...She learns alot from Max who she looks up to as a father figure

Her she is showing another dog respect by licking his face

Sakari is trying to get Dudley to play....Dudley has been training all day and just wants to rest

maybe if a bump Dudley he'll get up and play with me?

Maybe if I try barking at Dudley he will want to play with me.....

Maybe if I try eating you like a Thanksgiving will play with me

Sakari has some good soon as Dudley rolls over Sakari pounces on his stomach

oops that got Dudleys attention, he shot right up knocked Sakari on her back...meanwhile Roca want to get in on the fun

If you look carefully you can see Sakari being sat on by Dudley as Roca helps...

Sakari escapes just in time..while Roca distracts Dudley with a bite to the butt...figures the Akita and the Husky are teaming up against everyone

after a big day in the play yard..Roca and Sakari recap the fight over a pitcher of beer.....i mean the water cooler

Sakari and Dudley hanging out after...its all fun and games and Sakari is doing great with her social skills

Ziva who is coming up on the end of a 2 week bootcamp has made incredible wondering how she can get into some play with Sakari...Ziva who was a little aloof for the first week in the play yard, will now try to engage other dogs in play