Great Testimonial

I am constantly getting I received one in the shows the power of our emotions and energy that can be much stronger than our intentions....Once Sara released her negative energy from her life her dog actually changed over night....and this was going on for over 2 years...Sara became a strong pack leader and Kona recognized it and was much relieved....


Kona playing with one of my dogs Roca (akita)....this is something Kona just did not do prior to meeting with me..

Dear Jeff

I had wanted a dog for years, whenever I went hiking, there were people hiking with dogs, whenever I went running, there would be people running with dogs.  They all just looked so happy, I wanted to join in the fun.  I knew I wanted a high energy dog, a companion for marathon training, I just didn’t realize what I had signed on for with Kona.  I had thought I could just tire her out – but eventually I realized there was more going on.  I could take her out for a fifteen mile run after which I would be ready for a nap, but there she would be, at the window barking furiously, protecting me from the person walking down the street.  Something was not right.


I honestly thought it was something wrong with her, perhaps wiring gone awry.  I am a teacher and my students (more or less) behave for me, so I decided Kona’s issues had do with her.  After two years of Kona craziness – at the dog park, on walks, on hikes, in the house, in the car, you name the place, she would misbehave -– I became very tense around her, waiting for her to explode.  I knew my tension contributed to her behavior, but I truly thought that the her issues originated with her.  I needed someone to calm her down so that she and I could start anew. 


Within 15 minutes Jeff had Kona sitting off leash in between Uma and Max.  I had tears in my eyes.  After he left, I immediately called and emailed everyone I knew – no one believed me.  I was so excited to hang out with New Kona and show her off to everyone who had witnessed her meltdowns that I took her everywhere, so much more confident that I had been in years.  I thought now everything would be okay: Jeff had imparted behavior management skills to me, I had seen her calm and now believed she could behave. 


Life never goes according to plan.  Walking Kona was better, I could take her into the dog park and watch her play with strange dogs, an occurrence I had not seen in years, but she still seemed stressed out and still tried to protect me, which was never pretty.  One day a small glimmer of what was wrong entered into my mind when Jeff was talking about how humans should behave around a pack of dogs and how we transfer our energy to them with a simple touch.  I am skeptical of all things not supported by scientific evidence, but I began to doubt myself when I saw how calm dogs were around Jeff, maybe there was something to this energy thing after all. 


Things came crashing into place when, very shortly after this doubt was raised in my mind, I had some health issues resolved.  I realized I had had tension inside of me that I was able to hide from myself, my husband, and my friends, but not my dog.  Kona had been absorbing my stress for years, had realized how vulnerable I was and acted accordingly.  When I was cognizant of the fact that I was calmer than I had been in years, I took what I had learned from Jeff and transferred new energy to her – the poor dog slept for two days straight when I told her it was okay, she could relax now. 


Kona is still high energy, I’ll have to find another marathon to train for, but I can now take her places with the utmost confidence that she can and will behave.  Thank you, Jeff, for giving me back the dog I wanted. 




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