Long Day in Long Island

I am in Long Island at a pet show doing demonstrations for 3 days...I brought along 5 dogs I was going to only bring 4 dogs but I had a last minute dog...Kishmish..who I was not sure if he was going to be ready..Kishmish is a dog from CA that is with me for a 6 week board and train...

Kishmish doing an incredible  downstay

Okay..so I work alot...we took the ferry over from New London to Orient Point...and through the wonders of my little AT& T internet card

Max and Uma sleeping in the hotel....they work so hard for me and they sleep well

Jessica who is one of my assistant trainers...

We did lots of distraction training at the show.....lots of kids help me train the dogs...

Uma in place and Roca in a downstay while I get some help with distraction training

We found out that one of my rescue dogs that I have been rehabbing and lookiing to adopt out has bone cancer. We will be having his back right leg removed in 2 weeks. He most likely have less than a year to live....we have decided to go through with the surgery since that will eliminate the pain he is in. We will keep him alive and comfortable until we feel he is in pain too much and the quality of his life is not any good. So the surgery and aftercare will be about $2,000.00 so we set up a little chair massage station at the trade show. Jessica is a licensed massage therapist..

we raised about 200 dollars so far by jessica giving massages...thanks jessica for helping out pete

3 of my helpers at the trade show

right before I left for the trade show..Romy and Clover were working on some painting....Linda does a great job of keeping the kids busy...don't forget we homeschool the kids and Linda has put together some great stuff this year for them

If anyone wants to help out with the surgery and post-op expenses for Pete you can paypal me donations to jeff@solidk9training.com

Pete sunning himself...it is hard for him run around...his diagnosis of bone cancer explains why he kept getting skinnier no matter how much he ate

Training w/clientsJGellman