Leaving Long Island and Back to Rhode Island

A bunch of new dogs came in this week and we are having so much fun...I always have so much fun taking untrained dogs and turning them into great canine citizens for families.

There has been no rest for myself or any of my staff...don't forget dogs don't care about weekends...they don't care about holidays...we work the dogs 7 days a week rain or shine...a few more pictures from the Long Island Pet show where I was doing dog training demo's...you see Kishmit in a downstay and Uma is  in the Place command. Jessica one of my assistant trainers came with me...she is a huge help to my kennel training...I would not be as succesful without her

we took lots of pictures with kids and the dogs and then printed them out for them to keep...they loved it

I am having kids through a soccer ball over Uma's head as a distraction...she loves the soccer ball but did not move

I spent a ton of time answering questions one on one....

the little girl that you see heeling Max spent about 5 hours in my booth one day...just helping out, walking dogs etc...she did great..


Roca getting worked by Clover

Clover working Roca in a heel while the other dogs are in downstays acting as distractions to each other

Clover loves to act as a distraction with the dogs...

Sakari who is with me for a 6 week board and train has made HUGE strides


Clover and Romy getting ready to feed the dogs dinner

2 new dogs that came in late last night...

Rosie who came to me on Monday has a history of going after dogs and getting into fights...so within 2 days Rosie has been not paying attention to the other dogs and will actually lick dogs through the fence...we will spend the first week doing intense obedience and behavior modification and week 2 will be the same with other dogs in the picture

Rosie doing the Place command..this is going to be a huge calming skill for her

These 3 dogs came into our kennel last week and have changed their energy and way of doing things...they are becoming a highly obedient pack

how do you get 3 out of control dogs that have taken over a house under control? Put them into a boot camp at
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