Please Help us help Pete

Save A Dog


Jeff’s Pack Rescue Dog

Pete the Boxer


Had to have his leg removed due to cancer.  Help us extend & improve his quality of life.


Donations are greatly appreciated.


To help Pete in his time of

recovery and rehabilitation:


Or send donations to

Solid K9 Training: Jeff’s Pack

5 Claremont Ave. Providence, RI 02908


Jeff’s Pack is the Canine Rescue Division of Solid K9 Training

Pete comes home Saturday afternoon. He had a successful surgery, thanks to Sakonnet Vet Hospital in Tiverton, RI. Pete will needs lots of rehab which we will do on site. The great thing about what I do is I donate my time in order to train the rescue dogs on site. I pay for all of the food and medical needs of the dogs until they are adopted out...unfortunately when something like this happens it throws us for a loop.