Rock Climbing Fun

What another incredible week....Pete is doing really well..Romy and Clover did some great rehab with Pete...this morning they gave him his pain killers and then put a nice compress on his wound.....after breakfast they took him off property on a little walk..

Clover takes Pete to the park across the street from us to get a little exercise.

Pete is doing well...he seems to actually be in less pain than prior to surgery, he also is getting the hang of pooping with only one back leg...try that one at home

Sakari came to a business function with me the other day...did a downstay for over an hour at a time...oh...she is 4 months old..

Clover and Romy help put water in the kennels this morning

Roca and Sakari working on down/stays

Dakota getting ready to go swimming today...yep the pool is stillopen and it is nice

Dakota in the pool having a great time

I don't know how many times I tell Clover tht they are not brown eggs and to use the pooper scooper

Clover and I went Rock Climbing at the RI Rock gym...what a great way to end our day but to burn off the little energy we had left after working with dogs all day.

I belay for Clover, she did great on the wall tonight

Clover going for a quick swing before dinner...Clover and Roca always fight over who gets to swing, ys thats Roca my Akita...

Though this looks like 2 dogs doing a downstay...the white dog in front Rosie has a bad habit of attacking this is actually really great.

it has been an incredible week...every day is wonderfully filled with dogs...we are slamming with business..

I am actually holding a 1 day job fair Monday night from 6-9pm at the Marriott Providence. We posted a help wanted ad the other day and over 100 people replied. So the best way to figure our who is best for the position