Lots of training going on

The last 4 days have been incredibly busy, we have had 4 dogs leave and another 4 dogs come in...I hired another person to work at the kennel..so we have 4 people that are helping out with the play and training of all of the board and train dogs. The dogs get more structured walks, more training, more structured play and more swimming then ever before..I am so psyched because we have gotten incredible results with the staff prior to this and NOW it is going to be incredible..

Today I also was able to successfully represent a dog and the family in a Viscous Dog hearing. We won the case, the dog was not declared viscous. I am so happy that I was able to work with the family after the dog had bit someone and was able to get the dog to a point that it was a great canine that can be around people and dogs along with distractions..

Uma helping out my clients dog Cookie with some starbucks training

Uma helping Cookie and her owner with some rollerblading trainining

6 of my afternoon pack in a sit/stay while one of my kids pees in the bushes

when we work a dog aggressive dog we usually muzzle them just in case

after Clover went rock climbing she wanted to do a little workout so she worked out upstairs to strengthen her body..look at that calf muscle...

After a hard day of training dogs and a hour of rock climbing this is what a Gellman woman looks like...strong, powerful and confident...you go Clover


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Rosie with the muzzle on works on her downstays with Molly...Rosie has dog aggression issues that need her to be muzzled to protect /her from biting other dogs...

Sakari who is about 16 weeks old this week is doing great....she learns alot from Roca

yep our pool is still open..we are doing are best to leave almost year round

One of kennel dogs plows through the pool and makes some waves


The ultimate multiatasking, home schooking, blogging and dog training.

Nestor who is new to the kennel along with Sakari try to get Roca to play...

Training w/clientsJGellman