just pictures

I have been up since 6am and it is late....just finished work a few minutes ago...and if I don't blog...my board and train clients are screaming for more photos

My weekly farm dog training...Barkley has become an incredible off leash trained dog

Making sure that Barkley is calm and stays out of the paddocks is very important...

Diamond and Nestor working on downstays....this was from Sunday when we had a lot of rain...the dogs still work..we have a 40 X 10 covered back porch so the dogs can be worked in any weather...

Cinco and Molly working on downstays....on an average day each dog does more than 25 downstays..thats 175 a week or 350 over a 2 week boot camp

Piper and Izzy working on a downstay...yes we do a lot of downstays on all different surfaces

Diamond doing a sit/stay.....she looks a little skinny in this picture...she did not eat much the first couple of days with us....but she is on a regular eating schedule again...we may add to the qty of each meal since she is also getting a ton of exercise...dogs tend to get in great shape while they are with us...

Cinco having a great time in the pool today...yes are pool is stil open...why...because dogs at our kennel go swimming thats why

Cinco and Molly had a great time in the pool today

Yes we have lots of little dogs on the property this week

George who is the youngest dog on the property..all of 14 weeks old...George is a rescue and is doing really great...


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