Kid distractions

Not only do I do a lot of work with my own kids dog training..but I use my clients kids as much as possible to train ghe family one of my clients had some of her daughters friends over to play so I used them for some great distraction training for their 16 week old dog...

the girls were pushing the car around while this dog was in a downstay..this also teaches calming skills to the dog...since the kids will always be running around the backyard playing and wedo not want the dog to be chasing them and jumping all over them...

Diamond is doing a solid downstay while Romy goes down the slide.....again this is so important and helpful that these dogs do not go after children..we want the dogs to be included in our lives not the owner of Diamond wants to make sure that she is good around the grandchildren..well...this is the training that we do....and we NEVER use food for any of the training and Solid K9 Training

Clover and Romy going up and down the can see that once the kids go down the slide they run in front as well as behind Diamond and he does not move....does not nip and does not jump and he gets to enjoy spending time with the kids

one of my clients we have been working with babyproofing their dog for the last 2 months and look who decided to show up...a new baby girl and guess what...the dog has been doing great..staying in PLACE and in DOWNSTAY....heeling to the owners and not the stroller and the baby has already established herself as a packleader....gotta love Solid K9 Training

Training w/clientsJGellman